Vinsales AI Powered Order Tracking Opportunity Management

Revenue and Pipeline Visibilty

  • Autonomous Revenue Intelligences reviews every deal for risks, and recommends next best steps
  • Constantly monitors progress and adjusts recommendations
  • Based on complete data, risks and progress, calculates projected attainable revenue
  • Identifies deals to be accelerated to meet or exceed sales targets
  • Provides reps and managers a consistent view of risks. No last minute surprises!
  • Identifies the right accounts and right products to build a strong pipeline

Glide-Path for Sales ®

  • Reduce sales cycles with Glide-Path ® for Sales by targeting the right accounts
  • reviews all the Deals, Accounts, Leads, Products and Subscription information to identify the right Account, Leads and Deals to pursue
  • Constantly monitors the data to ensure the best outcome
  • Reduces uncertainty about making sales targets. You focus on the customer; we got you!

Guided Sales

  • There is a treasure trove of data in the filings of the public companies
  • monitors EDGAR, SEC, FSA, SEBI etc for significant information that impacts sales
  • Unique and configurable engine identifies the customer needs for your products and services
  • Fine tune our Generates Guided Sales templates with your observations as you meet your prospect

Real-time Monitoring and Guidance

  • Respond instantly. All your product information ready at your finger tips
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to move the deal forward. Access product and customer references quickly
  • Build customer confidence with immediate ready-to-share information

Contact Management

  • With Contact Management you can organize contacts, appointments, tasks and manage deals
  • Get a complete view of your customers, contacts, customer communications and activity history in one place. Get a complete picture of all contacts and accounts, and recommendations on engaging with them to progress your deals
  • Prepare for customer meetings from anywhere. Access all account and contact data on-the-go. The Vinsales app gives you deep insights so you can walk into that important sales meeting with confidence
  • Sync with your mobile device on appointments and contacts. You are in-control of your valuable contact information

Opportunity Management

  • Manage all your sales deals with Vinsales while staying connected to the information you need to close every sale from anywhere
  • Focus on what’s important and we will give specific actionable recommendations for you. Take actions with just one-click
  • View critical details in a rich activity timeline of your customer’s activity. Know what stage your deal is in and what actions you need to take to win. Track all activities as they happen and receive updates when action is needed
  • Track which products are part of your deal including quantity, standard price and quoted price

Activity Management

  • See related activities for the opportunity, account and contact in the right context
  • Manage your day on a unified view
  • View your meetings, events, tasks, relevant accounts, contacts and opportunity in one easy to consume Today’s view. Sales reps can view appointments and tasks and be on top of what they need to achieve each day
  • Vinsales offers visual and simple-to-use activity management tools
  • Call logs - after each call or meeting, sales reps can log a call report from their smartphone

Mobile | Manage your day on a unified app

  • Complete Sales Force Automation that lets you sell everywhere
  • Highly rated mobile sales application pairs enterprise-grade functionality with a consumer-grade user interface to deliver an ideal mobile sales experience
  • View your meetings, events, tasks, get deal specific recommendations and account updates on the go with Vinsales app
  • Join calls, take meeting notes and enter a call log while on the move. Access all your Sales needs anytime and anywhere
  • Close Deals faster. Track accounts and work on the deals on the go
  • Be more productive with in-app notes, appointments, tasks, call logs and analytics. With actionable recommendations you are always effective and efficient with your customer engagement


  • Easily track conversion rates and every part of your pipeline for real-time view of your business
  • Make critical decision from anywhere
  • Get real-time view of sales performance with reports
  • Check on your key business metrics from anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence | Make your team productive

  • Provides information to help prioritize opportunities better. Offers actionable ’Next Best Action’ to help close deals faster
  • Use most important news and data that affect specified customer and deal impacts
  • Eliminate time-consuming busywork such as logging sales activities

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